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Pentominoku for Layla (logic-masters.de)
irtefa 16 hours ago [-]
"As we were expecting our fourth child, Layla, it felt like I had come full circle since my first sudoku escapade, and decided to dedicate the puzzle to her." - I love this!
15 hours ago [-]
qsort 15 hours ago [-]
In case anybody's wondering what Prolog is for. There you go.
daoudc 6 hours ago [-]
Ha, well I used to teach Prolog and yes, you could solve it using Prolog but I think it would be horribly slow without Knuth's magic algorithm.
qsort 4 hours ago [-]
I think in this specific case the size is small enough that you could handle it -- 9! ~= 360,000.

But yeah, your point is well taken. On the logic programming side, ASP is probably a better fit.

15 hours ago [-]
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